A combined voice for Australia’s eye sector

 Vision 2020 Australia, the new combined voice for the blind and low vision sector following its merger with the Australian Blindness Forum, has laid out its priorities ahead of the 46th Parliament of Australia reopening in July.

“There are a number of important eye health and vision initiatives that can make a real difference to the lives of many, and with the benefit of continuity in Canberra, we are optimistic of making even more headway in the coming parliamentary term,” said Vision 2020 CEO Judith Abbott.

Priorities over the next three years are to improve vision outcomes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with the Strong Eyes, Strong Communities five-year plan, to progress the National Eye Health Survey to expand its evidence base, to improve access to support for the visually-impaired, and to invest in eye health programmes in the Indo-Pacific region.

Abbott added: “The coming together of Vision 2020 Australia and the Australian Blindness Forum will create a strengthen and more effective advocate to ensure their voices are clearly heard on a range of important issues.”

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