Dry eye webinars

ESW Vision is hosting a series of virtual dry eye seminars featuring three international speakers: New Zealand’s Associate Professor Jennifer Craig, vice chair of TFOS DEWSII and head of Auckland University’s Ocular Surface LaboratoryItaly’s Dr Luca Vigo, director of the Carones Vision Dry Eye Centre in Milan; and Norwegian optometrist and myopia specialist Erik Robertstad 


The seminars will tackle how to develop dry eye treatment in the wake of Covid-19, dry eye diagnostics, best practice E-Eye treatment and the future of dry eye management.  


The New Zealand time zone friendly sessions are: 



ESW Vision is the developer and distributor of E-Eye, a device designed to treat meibomian gland dysfunction.  


For more on this area, see: https://www.eyeonoptics.co.nz/articles/archive/osl-ipl-for-mgd-update/ and https://www.eyeonoptics.co.nz/articles/archive/ipl-therapy-for-mgd/ 

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