Mask-related fogging common

More than eight in 10 people have issues with spectacle fogging when using a face-mask, according to a new survey commissioned by CooperVision 


To combat the fogging problem, a significant proportion of the dual wearing population (people who alternate between spectacles and contact lenses) turned to contact lenses alone, with 38% reporting they used their contact lenses more frequently.  


Spectacles-only respondents reported trying multiple actions to alleviate the problem. Almost one in three (30%) had removed their spectacles at the risk of not seeing clearly, 9% had taken off their mask completely, while another 21% said they had worn their masks incorrectly, leaving the nose uncovered to provide relief. 


Interestingly, although around one in five people searched for a solution online, a mere 2% of respondents contacted their eyecare professional for advice. 


“Considering how common mask-related fogging has become, there’s enormous opportunity for ECPs to take the lead in helping their patients,” said Simon Seshadrisenior vice president of global marketing for CooperVision. “We know that many affected spectacles wearers are considering contact lenses – nearly 50%, according to one study – among their other options. By prompting these conversations, practitioners can assist patients with their vision, mitigate fogging challenges that are shown to decrease mask use during the pandemic, and bring in additional revenue. It’s doing well for all by doing good for all.” 


The survey was conducted by YouGov and queried an even sample of more than 8,000 adult spectacles and CL wearers in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. 


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