OIC: Introducing Avizor

So new that it's not even here yet, is Spanish company Avizor's eyecare solutions range. With brochures and samples, Ophthalmic Instrument Company’s (OIC’s) team were canvassing opinions at the recent CCLSNZ conference in Wellington, seeking feedback on Avizor’s range with a view to introducing it into New Zealand later this year.


Avizor’s portfolio includes the Lacrifresh preservative-free eye drops range for tired and irritated eyes, including its latest product Lacrifresh Aloe, which contains aloe vera, and three different formulations for environmental, mild to moderate or moderate to severe dry eye. It also has a number of different contact lens solution brands targeting people with sensitive eyes, those requiring a high level of disinfection and those who wear speciality lenses. Plus, it carries a specially designed multipurpose contact lens solution containing aloe vera called Alvera which, according to Avizor, has “enhanced lipid removal action, improves cell viability, prevents infection and enhances UV protection”.


It’s a unique range of contact lens care solutions and ocular health products, and one of the top sellers in European pharmacies, said OIC’s Chris Way. But rather than targeting pharmacies, OIC plans to make Avizor’s products available only through optometrists, he said. “This way, the practices can keep it all in-house.”


Distributing the range will also allow OIC to become a one-stop shop for contact lenses and solutions, when combined with sales of its Gelflex lenses. The Australian-based international lens maker is also currently seeking TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approval to become Avizor’s distributor in Australia, said Way.


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