SPONSORED: The only way to meet standards for ophthalmic device disinfection

Many professionals are unaware of the disinfection requirements for medical devices used in optometry and ophthalmology every day, and on multiple patients.


Are you unknowingly putting your patients and practice at risk? How do you disinfect equipment such as tonometer prisms, contact lenses, pachymeters, A- and B-scanners?


Australian and New Zealand Standards state that medical devices that touch a mucosal surface, such as the eye, are required to undergo high-level disinfection with a suitable product recognised by the TGA. These types of products are found on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) as ‘Class IIb Medical Devices’.


During COVID-19, many practitioners and facilities have learnt that alcohol wipes and hydrogen peroxide do not pass local regulatory requirements. While sodium hypochlorite is often mentioned as effective against SARS-CoV-2, this chemistry is listed for surface disinfection only, making it unsuitable for use on medical devices.


Instructions for use are often created for international markets, and may include a list of chemistries, however, this indicates device compatibility and not local approval. Facilities using these chemistries are non-compliant, leaving patients open to infection and putting practices at risk.


Tristel Duo OPH is recognised by local regulatory bodies as a high-level disinfectant and is designed specifically for use in optometry and ophthalmology.


Tristel Duo OPH is approved by major medical device manufacturers. It is listed in the OA Infection Control and COVID-19 Factsheet. In a recent Infection Control update at OVC, Tristel Duo OPH was mentioned as the only disinfectant that has approval for high-level disinfection of devices.


In an era where correct infection control is paramount and options are limited, Tristel Duo OPH enables fast, effective, and simple disinfection of medical devices.


For a demonstration, and to receive a discount on your first order, email mail-nz@tristel.com (for New Zealand) or mail-au@tristel.com (for Australia) with the subject line ‘DUO OPH’ and your contact details.


Tristel: we have chemistry - https://www.tristel.com/


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