The sound of science

RANZCO’s Women in Ophthalmology has issued a new podcast series, 10 minutes of Science, featuring women ophthalmologists discussing an article of their choosing in their respective specialist field. 

“These articles have been selected due to their impact on the real-world practice of ophthalmology,” said host Dr Robyn Troutbeck, Victoria-based deputy chair, Women in Ophthalmology. The podcast is available through the RANZCO website and on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


Centre for Eye Health (CFEH) has also launched a series of five-minute podcasts, CFEH Rapid Research Review, hosted by lead clinician Dr Jack Phu. Each episode poses a question that Dr Phu explores via a recently published study. Some of the topics covered include ‘Does your patient really have normal intraocular pressures?’ and ‘Is the age of kinetic perimetry over?’. 


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