CORE update: top pandemic-related eye issues

The Centre for Ocular Research and Education (CORE) has released a new Contact Lens Update exploring the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on five clinically relevant ocular conditions. 


The issue examines how mask-wear, home-schooling, and remote working may impact patients and discusses potential prevention and mitigation approaches. 


CORE director Professor Lyndon Jones, School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Waterloo, provides a thorough review of five possible pandemic-related ocular complications: a potential increase in myopia and dry-eye complaints linked to increased digital device use; a discussion of whether mask wearing has increased rates of hordeolum and chalazion; dry eye; and dissatisfaction with spectacle wear. He also includes several clinical pearls to help practitioners investigate and manage these conditions. 


In the feature article, CORE’s Dr Rosa Yang discusses key findings from a paper investigating the progression of myopia in a large sample of school-aged children after home confinement in China. 


The latest edition (issue 63) and all past issues are available for free at 


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