High-impact campaign to raise awareness

Sea2see has teamed up with photographer and environmentalist Weston Fuller, connecting with consumers through direct visual reminders of sea contamination. 


"Since the beginning of Sea2see, our message has been clear: waste is a great source of raw material for the optical industry, now and for the future, and recycling it eliminates the need to produce more plastic," said Sea2see founder and CEO François van den Abeele. 


"In this new campaign with Weston Fuller, who is passionate about environmental action, we wanted to raise awareness about the devastating impact of plastic in our oceans and encourage reflection on what we can do better as consumers to protect the world in which we live." 


Sea2see frames are made in Italy exclusively from 100% marine plastic. The waste is upcycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called Upsea Plast and is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified. 


For more, see A better specs life.  



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