Research-based kids’ frames now in NZ
Star Fit, now available from Albion Optical

Research-based kids’ frames now in NZ

February 7, 2024 Staff reporters

Dispensing optician Donald Crichton has launched frames distribution company Albion Optical to bring research-based paediatric eyewear brand Star Fit by Lazer Junior to Aotearoa.


The idea came about when Crichton, president of the International Opticians Association, met specialist paediatric dispenser Dr Alicia Thompson while introducing speakers at Silmo Singapore in April 2023. He asked if anyone was manufacturing frames based on her Aston University research into paediatric facial anthropometry (the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body). “Alicia pointed me towards the next speaker, James Conway, CEO of Millmead Optical Group. I introduced myself to James and was surprised to find that no one was distributing its Continental Eyewear brands in New Zealand.”


Following further discussions and a meeting in Melbourne, Crichton decided to set up Albion Optical (a nod to Crichton’s roots, given Albion is the old name for Britain) to bring Star Fit frames to the New Zealand market. “Dr Thompson spent seven years gathering data from research into paediatric facial anthropometry and has been instrumental in the design of the Star Fit frames. The collection is designed to fit the unique features of a child’s face, ensuring better optical outcomes for the wearer.”


Star Fit frames are designed for children aged 2-6 years old. The collection’s rounded shapes and low bridge ensures the pupil is in the perfect central position, even when a child is looking up, said Dr Thompson, showcasing the design in a Continental Eyewear YouTube video. A key feature is adjustability, she said, with options to tailor width, temples and tips to ensure a comfortable and stable fit.


Star Fit frames are made using recycled plastics with the cases made from rPet materials. They are competitively priced, coming in slightly under similar offerings in this sector, said Crichton.


The Millmead Optical Group comprises eight companies, including Continental Eyewear, Jai Kudo lenses and Optoplast cases and accessories. While he can take the whole Continental Eyewear range to New Zealand, Albion Optical will be starting out with Star Fit by Lazer Junior and Lazer, an extensive collection of quality, affordable frames, plus luxury eyewear brand Reykjavik Eyes, made from Japanese titanium, said Crichton.