Stars and their eyes… influencer Whitney Buha

Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Whitney Buha ended up with ptosis after a routine Botox visit. Buha, author of the blog Something Whitty, said she was embarrassed about the way she looked but felt compelled to share pictures online as she didn’t know ptosis was a possible side effect of Botox.


A few days after receiving her Botox injection, Buha said she noticed her left eyebrow was lower than her right, so she talked to her clinic and was asked to come back in. The beauty therapist added four units of Botox right below Buha’s eyebrow, which she said she now knows is a difficult place to inject as it can easily go into the wrong muscle and cause ptosis. Four days later, Buha noticed her eyelid was drooping, which got progressively worse for a week, she said. "The first two weeks were the hardest, as that's when my left eye was getting worse each day. After I passed the three-week mark, I started to see some improvement. It's been a long process of first trying to understand what exactly happened and after understanding that, trying to find a way to speed up my recovery," Buha told Cosmopolitan UK.


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