Tech enables 3D-printed smart prescription specs

Luxexcel has launched VisionPlatform 7, a technology-agnostic system for 3D printing of prescription smartglasses.


Earlier in 2021 the company demonstrated AR smartglasses with prescription lenses, a waveguide (which is used to display virtual images) and a projector. According to the company, VisionPlatform 7 prints critical features that have proved difficult or impossible to manufacture otherwise, such as the air gap required for a waveguide and printed hardcoating, all without birefringence.


The tech suite includes VisionEngine, for the 3D printing of prescription lenses; VisionClear, Luxexcel’s proprietary 3D-printing inks; and VisionMaster software for the design and printing of lenses. While traditional prescription lenses can be printed with the platform (replacing more than 30 manufacturing steps, according to a Luxexcel statement), its technology is designed to allow tech companies to seamlessly integrate augmented reality (AR) into traditional eyewear.


“Luxexcel provides a disruptive solution where smart technology is seamlessly combined with a prescription lens, rather than adding prescription power to the smart device as an afterthought. Luxexcel is accelerating the market introduction of true consumer smartglasses by allowing technology companies to manufacture prescription smart eyewear in the comfort of their own manufacturing home,” said Luxexcel CEO, Fabio Esposito.



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