Speciality lens, clip-on combo

June 15, 2024 Staff reporters


Partnering with Titan Optical, Acuity Lens is now offering a one-stop-shop solution for the Polar clip-on range for specialised lenses.


There’s demand for a more streamlined clip option offering versatility to clients, particularly when ordering specialised lenses like Avulux, polytrauma tints and similar varieties, said Acuity Lens managing director Linton Dodge. “Polar’s design flexibility facilitates seamless ordering of Acuity Lens options, along with the desired specialty tint, while maintaining affordability by offering a plano option in the clip.”


The promotion also presents convenient and cost-effective solutions for script adjustments, changing tint colours, or acquiring an additional third clip, if necessary, he said. “While our focus has been on specialised lenses, the offer can also cater to standard tint colours to accommodate fashion preferences. In essence, when an Acuity lens is ordered in combination with a Polar clip frame, a second polarised clip is provided at no charge, allowing customers to select their desired lens tint.”


The Polar range will be available via Acuity Lens' online ordering portal.