NZOWA: end of an era
NZOWA conference attendees, circa 1983

NZOWA: end of an era

May 20, 2024 Susanne Bradley

After nearly a decade of dwindling activity, the long-standing New Zealand Optical Wholesalers Association (NZOWA) is winding up.


Since NZOWA was established in the 1950s to represent the country’s optical industry in its battle with the government for more liberal import licenses and the removal of import duties, the market has changed significantly, said former president Gary Edgar who has been acting NZOWA caretaker since stepping down in mid-2019.


Numerous NZOWA optical personalities past and present have given thousands of hours of their time to support the industry and develop it into what it is today, he said. “I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years. Given that I have been involved in the optical industry for more than forty years, I have enjoyed many great friendships and been lucky to engage with the other associations.”


Current NZOWA members have been provided with voting forms where they can rate a number of New Zealand optical charities from 0-5. Remaining NZOWA funds will then be donated to those charities based on the percentage of votes given, with the aim of closing down NZOWA officially by August 2024, said Edgar.