Free IAPB eyecare tech guide

March 13, 2023 Staff reporters

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) has published a free guide designed to help eyecare practitioners, practice managers and governments better understand and critically analyse existing and emerging eyecare technology. 


The guide was prepared with the input of the IAPB’s technology Taskforce, composed of 13 international IAPB heads and eyecare professionals. The guide includes readiness ratings, offering insights into how well-established and trusted various technologies are and how widespread their use is. Elsewhere, the guide rates local suitability of products, economic viability and how much investment in staff training will be required for the technology’s intended setting. 


An IAPB statement said the guide is intended to educate about established technologies for eye health, the stage of development of emerging tech and how to appropriately introduce it into eyecare services, and to define how technology can enable access to eye care. IAPB noted it will also be useful for policy makers, funders and innovators and manufacturers of emerging eye health technology. 


Download the guide here.