Optique Line refresh

March 30, 2024 Staff reporters

Optique Line has completed a brand refresh and website revamp to improve user experience and efficiency and enable digital invoicing.


For the website makeover, Optique’s marketing team focused on simplifying navigation, reducing the number of clicks needed to access information, said marketing manager Erika Siabatto. “These changes will not only save time but also make the entire browsing and ordering process more intuitive and cost-effective.”


Updating the brand was less about changing what Optique Line is as a company and more about embracing the journey and ensuring it remains as vibrant as when it started in 1990, said Siabatto. “Like a trusted pair of glasses, brands too can start to feel a bit worn out after many years. As we continued our commitment to cutting-edge technology, exceptional products and personalised service, we realised it was time for our visual identity to match our passion.”


The brand has been given a gentle facelift, injecting modern freshness while preserving the warm and welcoming spirit that has defined the company for decades, she said.


For more, see https://www.optiqueline.co.nz/