Stepping into the perfect fit
New models from Stepper Eyewear Asian-fit collection

Stepping into the perfect fit

March 30, 2024 Staff reporters

Catering to diverse facial proportions, Stepper’s Asian Fit collection’s contemporary styles feature discreet flex hinges for longevity and adaptability. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and hypoallergenic materials, these frames ensure impeccable comfort and fit without compromising on style, said Optique Line’s marketing manager Erika Siabatto.


Eyewear blogger and NZ Optics writer Siu-Yin Shing agrees, saying her Stepper Asian-fit frames fit her like a dream. “Stepper Asian fit is the whole package – the nose, the temples, the width and even how the frame rested on my face – it all felt different to non-Asian-fit frames. I was astonished by how nicely they sat on my face; so easy to wear, so snug, nothing was slipping and sliding down my nose. They just stayed put as they should.”


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