Zeiss strengthens myopia focus
Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg

Zeiss strengthens myopia focus

April 19, 2024 Staff reporters

Zeiss has teamed up with internationally recognised specialists in myopia management to guide and inform its continued research and development in this field.  


Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, head of global myopia management at Zeiss Vision Care, is the new Myopia Advisory Board chair. There are 14 board members from around the world and across industry, science and/or clinical practice in optometry or ophthalmology. 


Ultimately, the aim is to offer holistic solutions considering myopes of all ages, said Prof Sankaridurg. “The newly formed Zeiss Myopia Advisory Board offers just that: a holistic view of myopia. The independent experts come in from their strength and knowledge to provide us with an unbiased opinion on our myopia strategy and guide us to provide the best solution for each myope."